Charlie XCX Gets us Virtually Nostalgic with Super Mario

Charli XCX released a new music video with Nintendo to show off Super Nintendo world, an upcoming theme park in Japan. The song features the iconic Super Mario soundtrack and takes viewers through a CGI version of the park!

The park in Universal Studios Japan is set to open during the summer before the 2020 Olympics with two rides! The park even features live video games, where Attendees will be able to take part in Mario Kart races and compete to earn the most coins around the park! These will be accomplished by “power up bands” that will sync with their phones!!

“Super Nintendo World will use tech and smart phone app,” @rumireports tweeted. “Wearable wrist bands called the “Power Up Band” will make you feel like you’re part of the game world.” The App contains a map that will help visitors collect digital coins and guide them through the park and unlock rewards at various attractions.

If you want a teaser of what the park will look like, look no further than the new theme song for the park called “We’re Born to Play” in collaboration with Charli XCX and Galantis. Playing with Charli’s cotton candy vocals and friendly EDM bops from Mario games! This is the plumber’s first collaboration with a pop pioneer, thanks to the insert of Mario screaming “ Here we go”. In the video, Toad appears alongside Charli who is dressed like princess peach.

An absolutely wild collaboration with pop queen Charli XCX that shows ZERO footage of the theme park itself , but somehow manages to create more hype than any regular trailer!! We’re Psyched for this real life Nintendo experience!