Check Out Drake’s Six-Year-Old Son’s Debut Single 

Drake had been making headlines with his new album, ‘For All The Dogs.’ However, the latest buzz around him isn’t about his music but rather his six-year-old son’s debut single. Adonis Graham has taken his first steps into the music world, and the internet is abuzz with adoration.

Adonis released his very first single titled ‘My Man Freestyle.’ The track, produced by Lil E$$o, is an extended version of Adonis’ brief verse on ‘Daylight,’ a song featured on his father’s latest studio album, ‘For All The Dogs.’ 

The song is playful and heartwarming, reflecting the innocence of childhood. Adonis raps about everyday activities endearingly, mentioning things like “playing on my iPad” and “saying hi to my Dad.” 

Drake, being a supportive and proud father, took to Instagram to share the music video for ‘My Man Freestyle.’ The video shows Adonis rallying around a young basketball team and providing an inspiring pep talk to the players. Adonis’ message of “We just have to work harder, we have to play better” has made the internet go crazy with affection. 

Image Courtesy: The Today Show

Drake himself makes a cameo appearance toward the end of the music video, joining Adonis at a post-game press conference. This isn’t the first time Adonis has been involved in his father’s music projects. In September, Drake revealed that the hand-drawn picture of a red-eyed dog on the cover of ‘For All The Dogs’ was designed by Adonis. This same picture appeared in the music video for the album single ‘8 AM in Charlotte,’ where Adonis also made an appearance. In the video, Drake engages his son in a playful conversation about his drawings, which include designs of a goat, monsters and a flower.

Adonis’ journey into the limelight began in 2020 when Drake shared images of his son for the first time on Instagram, accompanied by a heartfelt message about his “beautiful family.” Since then, Adonis has increasingly made more public appearances, making his debut on stage at the 2021 Billboard Music Awards and attending his father’s concert in Los Angeles in August of the same year. 

Image Courtesy: Complex

Drake’s dedication to keeping the show family-friendly during the concert in Los Angeles highlights the importance of his relationship with his son. He humourously mentioned, “I can’t talk about t****s tonight in LA because my son is at the show for the first time,” during his ‘It’s All A Blur’ tour with 21 Savage. 

In other news, Drake has recently called out his haters in a track featured on the latest album. One specific track in the album, ‘Another Late Night,’ addresses the issue of his friendship with Millie Bobby Brown. Drake had previously been regarded as “a great friend and a great role model” by the young actress, but this drew attention and questions from the public. 

-Britney Jones