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Check Out Röyksopp’s Ecstatic New Single ‘This Time, This Place’

Röyksopp have released their new single ‘This Time, This Place,’ which features film director and conceptualist Beki Mari’s vocals. Dubbed as a “prodigious conceptual project”, it’s part of the Norwegian duo’s ‘Profound Mysteries’.

Following the release of their LP, ‘The Inevitable End,’ in 2014, Röyksopp previously bid “goodbye to the traditional album format,” but promised to keep making music together.

The song ‘This Time, This Place’ is the latest single from the duo’s ‘Profound Mysteries,’ and it can be heard in the Jonathan Zawada-directed visualiser below.

“I could only describe working with Röyksopp as an out of body experience,” Mari said in a statement about ‘This Time, This Place’. “My mind already had the trails of their music burnt-in; little pathways back to very specific memories and so being asked to sing for them filled me with an inimitable feeling.

Image Courtesy: DIY Mag

“In Norway, in their studio, my voice spanned octaves I didn’t know I had; which was especially interesting as I was still learning how to fly. Working with Svein Berge and Torbjørn Brundtland was a divine blessing, something I shan’t ever forget.”


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