Childish Gambino Takes Back His Presents

Childish Gambino , the “This is America ” hitmaker surprised his fans by dropping a 12 track album earlier on Sunday. The 12-track song album titled “Donald Glover Presents” had very little identifying information.

The album boasts an art work featuring a black and white comic city street that evolves into chaos with people posing for selfies, some jumping out of burning buildings. The energy in the art is intense as it portrays the utter confusion that erupts with folks smiling, crying and dancing amidst the chaos.

“Donald Grover Presents” features cameos with Ariana Grande and 21 Savage ! The 12 song LP also boasts previously released songs like “Algorythm” , “War Lord” and “Feels like Summer”. The album drop was to lighten the panic surrounding the pandemic , however it was taken down from the website without a trace.The album was available on , which was retweeted by Glovers manager Fam Rothstein. Later, Fam Rothstien’s account was taken down along with the tweet.

After hours of allowing the album to be streamed online some predict that this could possibly be a leak rather than a drop due to the un identifying – half finished nature of the project. There was no indication if Glover was discontinuing his Childish Gambino alter ego which was absent in the latest album.

Woah, a lot of us are a little worried now! Because he did announce in the past that he would retire from his alter ego after his fourth album. In addition it is also unclear if he’s working with a label as no information is revealed on the website.

On the bright side Donald Grover has been steadily rising since 2016’s “Awaken, My Love!” . He also hosted Saturday Night Live while bagging several Emmy’s and Grammy’s. Glover also starred in “The Lion King ” and “Star Wars” and even tested the waters of politics by working with Andrew Yang’s Presidential Campaign.

We’re sure Donald will be back with a bang! And the album will get us shook like “This is America” did! Can’t wait for the official album drop