Chlöe Bailey is Proud That She And Sister Halle Can “Shine Together & Also Separate”

Chlöe Bailey’s debut solo album ‘In Pieces’ is out and people have been making comparisons with her younger sister Halle. In an interview, Bailey got candid about the comparisons, being mentored by Beyoncé and about having performed her latest single ‘In Pieces’ for the first time live. 

“It’s freeing, it’s scary, it’s exciting, it’s liberating,” Chlöe said of her debut solo album. “There’s so many words I can use to describe it, but I’m just so grateful that I have gotten to a headspace where I’m comfortable being who I am completely.” When asked how she feels about getting compared to her younger sister, she said, “With Halle for me that is how it is, that’s exactly how it is. I’m so happy that I have had her all my life since she was born … I’ve always felt like a protective Mama Bear and I am just so proud of her on all of her endeavors and mine as well. I just think it’s so great how we can shine together so bright and also separately.”

Chlöe Bailey is also starring in the upcoming movie ‘Praise This’. She spoke about Beyoncé in the interview and said she is “constantly inspired by her and her work ethic and her drive, and to know she loves sis and I as much as she does and always is in our corner and it’s pretty cool.”

– Riya Sohini