Chromatica’s Weather Girls: Lady Gaga & Ariana Grande

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Hot on the heels of their sci-fi, Blade Runner-esque music video for the track, ‘Rain on Me’, Lady Gaga and Ariana Grande are already delighting their fans with something new. They’ve left their dancing shoes aside to play the part of Chromatica’s brand new weather girls.

In this bizarre one-minute clip, in partnership with the Weather Channel, we hear about the latest forecast from the biggest stars of the Pop industry. Lady Gaga has on a spiky white dress, with plastic gloves and sequined sprinkled glasses. Oh, she’s also  got her Chromatica-era neon hair going strong. Unlike Gaga, Ariana’s outfit is a tad bit mellow, she wears a plaid dress and rocks a bright silver winged-liner.

Both women are holding umbrellas. Indoors. The “rain” is provided by workers, with hoses in hand.

Lady Gaga and Ariana Grande are Here with the Forecast

“It was beautiful just yesterday but, oh wow, how things have changed,” Gaga exclaims. “Today, it is pouring rain. We are soaking wet. And while some are complaining of the recent downpour, we would like to celebrate the rain.”

“Rain on me, tsunami! Water like misery but the people are still going,” Grande adds.

Gaga starts where Ariana left off,  “The world is rising up in a massive act of kindness to celebrate the rain the world so desperately needs to quench the thirst of the Earth. Are we thirsty or what?”

“Oh, we are thirsty, indeed! And what the locals are now saying globally is, ‘Rain on Me’. It will be raining all summer, but we’re surely dancing as it does.” Ariana then concludes with, ‘Back to you, f**cker’. Oof did not expect it to end like that!

This might be the strangest yet most innovative promotion strategy out there. But speaking of weather, we’re going to have to brace ourselves for quite the wild storm, because ‘Chromatica’ is set to drop on May 29th, which is just a few days away. 

By: Nina Karun