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Chromatics’ Adam Miller Announces Debut Solo Album ‘Gateway’

Former Chromatics  guitarist Adam Miller has announced an upcoming solo album, his first under his own name. It’s titled Gateway, and it’s out February 11. In an Instagram post, Miller described the record as “18 tracks of guitar meditations,” inspired by the likes of Robert Smith, Maurice Deebank, and others.

‘Gateway’, is the first full-length solo album from an alum of the Portland-based synth-pop band – who announced their split back in August. Miller had already shared a new solo single in November, titled ‘Erosion’.

Though ‘Gateway’ is coming out in the wake of Chromatics’ split, it was written and had begun being recorded while the band was still together. Miller recorded and produced the record himself from his home, describing the songs as “a visceral process.”

Image Courtesy: Pitchfork

“When I’m in a good workflow, I usually start my day off by just picking up a guitar, zoning out, and recording whatever is passing through the quantum field at the time,” said Miller in a press statement.

“I’m not even really paying attention to what I’m doing as I’m recording. I’m usually at my purest creatively at the very beginning of the day, and over the years I’ve recorded whatever happens in the moment and then organized that material into a library.”

Chromatics released seven albums between their 2001 formation and their 2021 split, with Miller and his bandmates sharing a statement that ending the band was a “difficult decision.”

“We are very excited for the future, and look forward to sharing our new projects with you soon,” they wrote at the time.

Miller announced the end of Chromatics  in August with band mates Nat Walker and Ruth Radelet. “We would like to thank all of our fans and the friends we have made along the way—we are eternally grateful for your love and support,” they wrote in their statement, without mentioning fellow Chromatics member Johnny Jewel. The band’s most recent album was last year’s Faded Now, which updated 2019’s surprise arrival Closer to Grey. The band have yet to announce the fate of their long-awaited album Dear Tommy, which was most recently teased for release with a new tracklist last spring. 

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