Cody’s love song for Miley is just… awwww!

If this song is any indication, it’s that Simpson is definitely smitten by Miley Cyrus! Over the past few weeks, the duo have left fans around the world curious about their relationship and everyone’s desperately trying to figure out the status of their romance.

That is, until Simpson confirmed the rumours himself in an interview. And now his new love song written for Miley Cyrus called ‘Golden Thing’ might convince you otherwise if you aren’t already onboard with this new couple!
The track which Simpson released is a slow burning, romantic ballad that will warm your heart, once you give it a listen! After describing Cyrus as a “crystal dream” and “Cali queen” in the first verse, Simpson harkens back to the song’s title. “I’m shot, it’s a golden thing she’s got,” he croons over a soft acoustic guitar, proving that what they share is more than just a fleeting romance.

The song’s remaining lyrics continue to reveal just how smitten Simpson is. He opens up about singing softly to Cyrus, hearing birds chirping when they’re together, and feeling heard.