Coldplay Drop Their New Music Video

The music video for Coldplay’s ‘Trouble In Town’ from ‘Everyday Life’ album is out and here is what we have been served. Relatable, Animal Farm-esque, anthropomorphic figures roaming around town and experiencing the realities of the human condition. Watch swine politicians, deers reading Animal Farm by George Orwell on the subway, foxes hustling on the streets, and more characters reckoning with racism and police brutality.

It is both rather hilarious and a jolt of social commentary from a group of musicians who have always wanted to see themselves relevant in the discussion that surrounds our political and social environments today. Their earnestness is evident when you consider that the proceeds from the song go toward the Innocence Project, for which frontman Chris Martin is an “Innocence Ambassador”, as well as the African Children’s Feeding Scheme.

Given this, the video goes beyond just the music and becomes something that aims to contribute to the society. But is the effort gratuitous? Well, why don’t you watch and see