Coldplay drops new album playlist

Coldplay is taking their old school theme seriously and fans are loving it!

The British rock band just dropped the track list for their upcoming album in the most unconventional and ancient way. The band took out an advertisement in the North Wales Daily Post “classifieds” section to feature the 16-track list for their album “Everyday Life”.

The first half-album titled “Sunrise” is to include tracks – “Sunrise”, “Church”, “Trouble in Town”, “BrokEn”, “Daddy”, “WOTW/POTP”, “Arabesque” and “When I Need A Friend”.

The second half-album titled “Sunset” is to include tracks – “Guns”, “Orphans”,” Èkó”, “Cry Cry Cry”, “Old Friends” “بني آدم”, “Champion of the World” and “Everyday Life”

Two days ago, the band announced their upcoming double album “Everyday Life” which comprises of two albums titled “Sunrise” and “Sunset”. The reveal to fans was through typewritten messages in the mail.

The band first teased the fans about their new era of music with a snippet of what could possibly be their new track with the date “November 22 ,1919” appearing as the tune played. The band later confirmed that their double album will be released in late November.

Coldplay has a few surprises up their sleeve as the fans are raving about the quirky PR for their upcoming album and we just have to wait and see what they’ve got in store for us!