Coldplay Teased Their New Album ‘Moon Music’

We have great news for Coldplay fans around the world! The band has teased their new album called ‘Moon Music’. The upcoming album is nearly finished, and the band described it as  the “second ‘Music of the Spheres’ volume.”

‘Music of the Spheres’ came out in 2021, and critics described it as “a celestial beauty that’s capable of inspiring great awe and emotion.”

Chris Martin, a band member, stated, “We’re finishing an album called Moon Music, which is the second ‘Music Of The Spheres’ volume, but that won’t come out for a little bit. We might start playing some songs at some point this year.”

Image Courtesy: Hypebeast

Coldplay performed their song ‘Clocks’ on Jimmy Kimmel Live, but Martin spoke to Kimmel before their performance and spoke about the first time the band appeared on the show. Kimmel recalled “Remember what I actually said that night. I said we wanted to have a band on the show that we would be proud we’d have on the show in 20 years.”

Martin responded saying, “thank you for finally having us back”, and then wished Kimmel a “happy anniversary.” He then joked that they will not be able to perform because they had no time to put a performance together before singing ‘Clocks’, which they performed 20 years ago on the show.

Coldplay were recently revealed as musical guests on ‘Saturday Night Live’ for the next month. The show will be hosted by ‘The Last of us’ star Pedro Pascal. Coldplay performed on ‘SNL’ in 2019 before this, where they played ‘Everyday Life’ and ‘Orphans’.

– Riya Sohini