Coldplay releases vid for ‘Orphan’

Coldplay invites their fans to hitch a ride with them to the past and we couldn’t be more ready.

The British rock band has unveiled two tracks, ‘Orphan’ and ‘Arabesque’ from their upcoming double album, ‘Everyday Life’. The band released a music video for the track ‘Orphan’ giving us major old school vibes.

The music video takes us back to the studio, giving us a peak of their songwriting process. From Martin performing the melody of ‘Orphans’ on acoustic guitar, outside Penn Station to studio sessions for the song, black and white footage of the band playing it in a backyard and on the beach – it all gives us a strange sense of nostalgia. The euphoric bittersweet track has Coldplay sounding more like a rock band than they’ve had before.

‘Arabesque’ on the other hand, has a more jazz feel to it, it looks like Coldplay has no problem diving into uncharted territories with this track! There’s a bit of sax, a pinch of jazz mixed with rock as the front man, Chris Martin, sings the lyrics in French.

The double album is going to be released on the November 22 and we might be getting a few surprise releases on the way to the main event, so watch out!