Coldplay to not Tour Until Concerts are Made Environment Friendly

Chris Martin has announced that cold play will not be touring until concerts are made environment friendly.

In recent years, hosting concerts has had a huge environmental price due to the popularity of disposable items like tents, wrist bands, plastic cups, etc. More often than not a sea of plastic bottles and cups litter venue grounds after a show; all of this amounts to the material waste. The non material pollution including noise pollution and light pollution also affects migrating birds and wildlife near the venue.

Coldplay has decided to cut down on concert tours and dates until they can find more sustainable ways of hosting audiences world over. As the “Paradise” singer explained, “We’re taking time, over the next year or two, to work out how can not only our tour be sustainable, but how can it be actively beneficial? How can we harness the resources that our tour creates and make it have a positive impact?”

But the question on all our minds is – how would they manage to host a green concert given the sheer number of attendees. Martin plans to initiate the green concert ideally by banning disposable items at the concerts and using solar powered lighting!

This shouldn’t come as a shock to any Martin/Coldplay fan. The “Yellow” artist has consistently been a champion for bettering the world, be that through occasions like the Global Citizen Festival—which aspires to help end poverty—or through this most recent initiative of touring with renewable energy sources.

Fans may be bummed out by the decision, but considering the stakes, the wait is worthwhile!