Courteney Cox And Matt LeBlanc Open Up About Matthew Perry’s Death

It’s not every day that we get a glimpse into the behind-the-scenes magic of our favourite TV shows. Courteney Cox recently took to Instagram to share one of her cherished memories from the set of ‘Friends,’ paying tribute to her late co-star, Matthew Perry.

In a heartfelt post on Instagram, Cox posted a clip from the iconic sitcom, regarding the moment when Chandler (Perry) and Monica (Cox) took their relationship to the next level. 

Cox revealed that Perry played a pivotal role not only on-screen but also behind the scenes. She recounted how, before filming the scene, Perry whispered a funny line to her, adding his trademark touch of humour. 

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“I am so grateful for every moment I had with you Matty, and I miss you every day,” Cox expressed in her post, capturing the profound impact Perry had on her life. She shared the intimate details of their working relationship, emphasizing Perry’s kindness and humour that lit up the set.

The unaired clip showcased the chemistry and camaraderie between the two actors. As Monica jokingly retreats under the covers, Cox reveals Perry’s playful involvement. It’s a candid moment that fans rarely get to witness, making it all the more special.

Following Perry’s passing on 28th October, Friends co-star Matt LeBlanc joined the chorus of tributes. In an Instagram post on the same day as Cox’s, LeBlanc fondly recalled the times he spent with Perry on and off the stage. He described it as an “honour” to share the spotlight with Perry, emphasizing the deep bond they shared.

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“Matthew. It is with a heavy heart I say goodbye,” LeBlanc wrote, reflecting on the profound impact Perry had on his life. The post included stills from ‘Friends,’ showing the laughter and camaraderie that defined the show.

LeBlanc’s farewell wasn’t without a touch of humour, as he playfully mentioned the 20 bucks Perry owed him. It’s a nod to the genuine friendship that extended beyond the screen, filled with shared memories and inside jokes.

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As ‘Friends’ fans mourned the loss of a beloved cast member, Perry’s family and co-stars gathered for his funeral service at the Forest Lawn Cemetery in Los Angeles. The original joint statement from the ‘Friends’ cast, expressing being “utterly devastated,” reinforced the bond they shared, a bond that transcended the roles they played on the small screen.

The ‘Friends’ cast, a tight-knit family both on and off the screen, continues to mourn the loss of Matthew Perry. As the memories shared by Cox and LeBlanc remind us, the laughter and genuine friendships forged during the making of ‘Friends’ will forever echo in the hearts of fans worldwide. 

-Britney Jones