DaBaby Speaks About 2018 Shooting In ‘Masterpiece’

DaBaby is out with a true masterpiece, this time. On January 16, 2020, the singer released ‘Masterpiece’ along with the music video of the track. The lyrics of the song have got people to understand the 2018 shooting which involved him, a bit better.

What Happened During The 2018 Shooting?

Two years ago, DaBaby was linked with a murder which took place at a Walmart in North Carolina. The ‘Rockstar‘ rapper insisted on not being the one who pulled the trigger. However, the court pressed charges for carrying a concealed weapon which was dismissed later in 2019 due to “unavailability’ of a witness.

The involvement of the rapper in the incident led to an arrest, 30-day jail sentence and 12 months probation. Though it was unsupervised, DaBaby must have surely reflected on the consequences of the event. This introspection is loud and clear in ‘Masterpiece’.

DaBaby Says He’s Back With Hardly Any Regrets

As DaBaby drops ‘Masterpiece’, he speaks about the 2018 shooting in ways that tell you that he was not involved. Hence, he’s got no regrets but he surely has faced hate regarding it, however, all of that is in the past and he’s back, now.

DaBaby raps, “I don’t know what went down at that Walmart / I don’t know what happened on that freeway / Okay, there go DaBaby, he back now / Run it back, hey, bitch, turn that on replay,

Apart from that, we can the rapper showing off his lavish lifestyle, big cars and girls surrounding him in the music video. And, also expensive pieces of jewellery, one can’t miss out on that one, at all.

Well, one can only wait and see if DaBaby is going to be using his songwriting as a means to communicate about his criminal charges, in the future, as well.

By: Aatira Kakroo