Daft Punk Shares a Rare Unmasked Video of ‘Rollin & Scratchin’ From 1997 

Daft Punk have got their fans brimming with joy once again! They have shared a rare unmasked video of ‘Rollin & Scratchin’ from their hidden archives online. The video was first aired last year as a part of a one-off Twitch stream. This was also when the French electronic duo streamed a full set, which was filmed in LA’s Mayan Theater in 1997. That marked the first anniversary of their official split in 2021 and the 25th anniversary of their debut ‘Homework’.

Check it out below:

Thomas Bangalter’s father Daniel Vangarde recently said, “When Thomas met [Daft Punk bandmate] Guy-Manuel, their common love was cinema. I think Thomas only came to the studio with me once which is good, because otherwise he would have learned to produce in a normal way and lost what made Daft Punk unique.”

Image Courtesy: Los Angeles Times

“When the band started, they were in their 20s, so I helped and advised them so that they got total artistic and financial freedom and stayed owners of everything they do. And I’m glad because I think there’s too much interference between the time an artist thinks of a project and when it’s distributed: it arrives distorted. One of the reasons for Daft Punk’s success is that they did exactly what they wanted and it came to the public exactly, unfiltered, from their minds.”

Image Courtesy: The Guardian

When asked if he ever thought his son would follow his footsteps into music, he said, “Never. His mother wanted him to learn piano and his teacher was in the Opera of Paris. After a while, I asked him if Thomas was any good, and the teacher replied: ‘He’s OK, but he has a great sense of rhythm that makes people want to dance’.

– Riya Sohini