Deb Never Releases ‘Someone Else’

Deb Never, the beautiful and promising newcomer, has kicked off her new year with a new song, ‘Someone Else’. It follows the LA-based singer’s quarantine project “Intermission”. 

The song was recorded last year in London, produced by Jam City and Michael Percy

A Dreamy Lo-fi Bop

Deb Never recently relocated to London to move in with her longtime collaborator Michael Percy. The singer decided to make the move after having spent months in isolation in LA last year. ‘Someone else’ was written and recorded in London, after Deb hit a creative dry spell in LA. It is produced by Jam City – Kelela, Bad Gyal, Troye Sivan,and Michael Percy.

Deb Never has been establishing herself as one of the most promising artists in alternative pop. She has worked with producers like Kevin Abstract, Dylan Brady and Kenny Beats, creating her own unique sound. A sound that blurs together bedroom pop, hip-hop, indie rock, and electronic pop.

The track release is accompanied with a vintage-looking official music video, which was filmed at London’s Hampstead Heath by Elif Gönen. ‘Someone Else’ posseses a dreamy, timid Never vocal with loose guitar strumming and a laid back programmed beat. It then pivots to something a bit more intense without losing its dream-like texture.

Not Your Average Emo Kid

The Seattle-based singer released “Intermission” – a collection of songs written and recorded during quarantine – in May 2020, following up on her debut EP ‘House On Wheels’, 2019. 

Many reviews have described her as a unique vocalist with a lot of potential. One magazine wrote in a review; “Deb Never can easily forge a standalone path as a vulnerable grunge/emo star like so many have in recent years. But with such a vast palette of sonic influences and collaborators at her disposal, it doesn’t feel like she has any intentions to rest on just those talents.”. 

By: Anjana Sathyanarayan