Debut At Coachella 2020

A hologram will be debuting at Coachella 2020

Yes, we live in the future and let me assure you that this is real! She is called Hatsne Miku, a virtual pop star who plays pumped up cheery dance music. Miku is a software creation that can sing songs based on the input, sort of like a vocaloid, or a singing vocal synthesizer. The music is created for her using technology, and then yours truly performs it! How very Black Mirror of her.

Miku has been a rising phenomenon in Japan, a country that boasts the world’s highest innovation and technological advancement.

Thanks to her unique style and presence, she’s won the hearts of thousands, many of whom are still in disbelief that she’ll be appearing for the very first time at Coachella. Fans took to Twitter to show their excitement. One of them even tweeted “Coachella 2020 with our lord and savior Hatsune Miku” .

Miku’s inclusion in this year’s lineup is an emphasis to diversify the festival that usually doesn’t feature Asian music. This is also a move to attract more Asian investors to the state of California.

Other featuring artists at Coachella include Lana Del Ray, Travis Scott, 21 Savage, FKA Twigs and Frank Ocean, who’ll be performing alongside Hatsne, who is the first vocaloid pop star to play at Cochella.

Ironically, while bringing in Miku potentially seems like an easier and cheaper option than booking another high-priced act, the hardware and effort required to get the gal on stage and performing at her best is quite hefty.