Demi Lovato is All Narcissistic

Demi will be unleashing new music on 5th March; the star announced this on Instagram along with a cover art for her coveted come back. This announcement comes in a gap of two years post rehab, which the singer at the time wasn’t social about. She embraced her flaws and cherished her journey when she recently performed at the Grammy’s.

Couldn’t keep it a secret any longer!!! My new single #ILoveMe is out on Friday,” the singer captioned a post featuring the pop star in a red leather jacket , White top with a matching red lipstick and pony. This simple look amplifies her message of self love and dressing up for you rather than for the folks around you.

Her come back single titled “I love me “ follows Lovato’s 2017 “Tell Me You Love Me” and 2018 single” “Sober” which was put out one month before she was hospitalized for an OverDose.

However this is all we know about “I Love Me” at least for now. Would it be a pop song like “Heart attack” or “Sorry not Sorry” or an emotional ballad like her latest track “Anytime” which debuted at the Grammy Awards? With a title like “I Love Me” it could also be an empowering bop about self-love and acceptance.

In an interview, she said that she has been working hard to put out new music that will hopefully ring a bell with her fans, who may be going through similar struggles. She spent the whole of 2019 working in the studio, she said that it was therapeutic and wants to get back to putting out great music and doing tours and concerts like before. Demi has surely taken the reins of her life back into her hands with “I Love Me”

According to Demi, the song will be a part of her “Vulnerable” album that is set to drop this summer. It seems like the songstress is very excited about making 2020 her comeback year! We hope she comes back with a bang!