Demi Lovato Just Surprised Fans With A New Ballad ‘Still Have Me’

In line with all the surprise releases and announcements that’ve rocked the music world this week, Demi Lovato just arrived with her very own offering. The star just dropped a brand new track, right out of the blue. Titled, ‘Still Have Me’ the song first arrived across her social media platforms. 

‘Still Have Me’ opens with a gentle piano riff that carries the track forward. It serves a firm foundation for Demi’s emotive, heartbreaking melodies. Interestingly, the chorus of the track takes a different turn as it adopts a gospel infused harmony, powered by the star’s strong range.

The songwriting on this track also proves to be just as raw and vulnerable. It speaks of the young star’s recent split from Max Ehrich, two months after they got engaged. Demi uses this track to process the aftermath of this fallout, finding solace in herself. The lyrics allow for a better understanding,

While the silence is piercing
And it hurts to breathe

I don’t have much but at least I still have me (I still have me)
And that’s all I need
So take my faith but at least I still believe (I still believe)
And that’s all I need

Demi initially took to Instagram to drop the track with an accompanying caption that simply read, “Music is always there for me…” Whether this track will serve as a standalone piece or if it’ll find a space on her upcoming album, is something we’ll have to wait to find out. 

By: Nina Karun