Demi Lovato & Marshmello: A Complex Relationship

Just last week, Demi Lovato arrived on the scene with a brand new collaboration featuring the hit DJ, Marshmello. Now, if it weren’t for Demi’s hilarious rejection, she and Marshmello might’ve soon changed their label of ‘collaborators’ to ‘bride and groom’. Yes, you guessed it, Marshmello proposed to Demi two days after their track dropped. 

Now, before we dive into the meat of the story, it’s worth touching upon the song first. Titled, ‘Ok Not To Be Ok’, the track is sprinkled with Demi’s husky melodies and a cocktail of funky synth-pop beats. But it’s far more than just a groovy number, much like the title suggests, the song actually tackles mental health awareness. With September being National Suicide Prevention Month, the duo hope to encourage people to voice their troubles and find comfort in that action, with this song. 

Demi Lovato for one, has come out of quite a rough patch. Back in 2018, the young star was hospitalized due to a severe overdose and only this year did she make her return to the music scene, stronger than ever before. 

Demi Lovato, Marshmello & The Odd Engagement

Now, coming to the odd marriage proposal, Demi shared a  hilarious little clip of it on her Instagram. It featured the DJ on one knee before her, presenting a glittering ring…Only for Demi to show off the ring already sitting on her finger. What follows are a series of overly dramatic black and white shots of Marshmello reeling from this rejection.

So yes, Demi does have her very own beau – Max Ehrich. Since March this year, the pair made their relationship public. And since then, Demi has taken every opportunity to pepper her Instagram feed with loving, sugary-sweet pictures of them. Further, the couple even made a surprise appearance in Justin Bieber and Ariana Grande’s music video for the quarantine anthem, ‘Stuck With U’. And of course, the latest update on their love life arrived in July when the couple announced that they were engaged. 

Now, circling back to the music front. While Demi Lovato did reveal that the global coronavirus pandemic has seriously thrown her off schedule. She still promised fans that new music would reach them soon. 

By: Nina Karun