Demi Lovato & Marshmello Promise That It’s ‘Ok Not To Be Ok’

Demi Lovato has arrived on the scene with her highly anticipated new collaboration featuring the hit DJ, Marshmello. This tune’s titled, ‘Ok Not To Be Ok’ and it also got treated to its very own music video. 

Sprinkled with pretty melodies, courtesy Demi, and a groovy cocktail of beats, this tune proves to be funky pop banger from start to finish. In fact, ‘Ok Not To Be Ok’ is quite reminiscent of some of Demi’s older numbers, purely in terms of vocals. Where it stands apart though is with the introduction of Marshmello to this track. The star DJ has forged this tune into a high-energy treat, combined with the perfect beat drop.

Now, the visualizer for the track featured both stars waking up in their childhood bedrooms, a startling prospect, yes. What follows is Demi and Marshmello actually meeting up with younger versions of themselves. Between trashing their bedrooms and roaming the neighbourhood, Demi sings, 

When you’re high on emotion
And you’re losing your focus
And you feel too exhausted to pray
Don’t get lost in the moment
Or give up when you’re closest
All you need is somebody to say

It’s okay not to be okay
It’s okay not to be okay

The songwriting on this track proves to be simple yet effective. Much like the title suggests, the lyrics also arrive with a cozy sense of reassurance. Speaking of the concept behind, ‘Ok Not To Be Ok’, Marshmello explained, 

“I think it’s just such an important subject. I think a lot of people have negative feelings and negative thoughts that are affecting them and are kind of scared to bring it up, scared to talk about it. When in reality, they’re scared because maybe the person won’t relate or the person won’t understand, when in reality most of the time the person that you could bring it up to, will most likely have felt like this or will understand or can relate as well. So I think it’s very important to talk about it.”  

And that’s how the track was born. Like the string of other self-love anthems to arrive this year, it’s comforting to have a tune that helps you wade through rough waters. 

By: Nina Karun