Demi Lovato Packs A Bold Punch with ‘Commander in Chief’

It looks Demi Lovato is on a new music spree! In early October, the young star unveiled a heart wrenching new ballad titled, ‘Still Have Me,’ which traces the aftermath of her split from Max Ehrich. And now, it looks as though Demi has added another ballad to her impressive roster.

Earlier today, the artist took to social media to tease a fresh new track. Demi initially shared two clips, the first featured a young black girl, standing against a dark backdrop. As Demi sings,

“Were you ever taught when you were young/ If you mess with things selfishly, they’re bound to come undone/ I’m not the only one that’s been affected and resented every story you’ve spun.”

Simultaneously, we see the little girl mouthing these very lyrics, in sync with Demi’s vocals. The following clip sees an elderly man, donning a bright red, ‘Make America United Again’ cap. In line with Demi’s piece, we see the man mouth, “Cause there are people worse off that have suffered enough. Haven’t they suffered enough?”

The Soundscape & Themes Ruling ‘Commander in Chief’

And just hours after revealing the title, ‘Commander in Chief,’ Demi dropped the full track. Driven forward by the star’s melancholic, soulful vocals, the song packs a strong punch. And so do its lyrics, they speak of the sufferings of the lay public in the U.S, asking the ‘Commander in Chief’ how he sleeps at night after all the things he’s done.

With this track, Demi hopes to urge people to vote during the upcoming November elections in the U.S. While Demi Lovato has always proven to be politically aware, never missing an opportunity to call out wrongdoings and to push for change, it’s interesting to see her firm views also bleed into her music. And the message heard in ‘Commander in Chief’ rings loud and clear.

By: Nina Karun