Did BTS Just Do This ?

BTS showed us why we love them so much when they paid a visit to Jimmy Fallon on his show to promote their newly released album – ‘Map of The Soul:7’. Honestly, we’re just happy that they exist because there’s no better way to chase away those midweek blues than with these adorable goofs!

Here’s a round up of what happened on the show! Just a heads up – they shut down Grand Central Station for a few hours. Yep, let that sink in.

1. The Subway Ride

I mean, if you shut down Grand Central Station, you gotta ride a few trains. It started off with BTS dancing, screaming and cheering for themselves. Because why not? Jimmy asks the boys about their first impression of NYC and their response is so relatable – hot dogs, having coffee, people wearing scarf and loving the movie Home Alone. Something we never knew though was that the BTS members had different plans before becoming the boy band – from being an entrepreneur, saxophonist, tennis player, actor, gamer to hosting a talk show and being a producer. Wow, we really are glad they met each other even if it was when they were young and roaming around the house in their boxers.

We all had been wondering about the significance of the number 7 in their album title and BTS cleared that for us – 7 years of being together with 7 boys which have become a family to each other.

2. Subway Olympics

They played games on the subway and It was just so cute, they tried to balance rubber ducks on their hand, Jin even got slapped by J-Hope while trying to make him lose his balance. The games they played will make you crack a smile any day of the week. 10/10 would recommend.

3. Katz’s Delicatessen

Visiting a 130 year old restaurant to eat some delicious meat? Yep, we’re definitely jealous. The boys explained how their go to food is Spicy Chicken and even made sandwiches while Jimmy served the customers.

4. Performed ‘ON’ at Grand Central

All the fun and games ended when they reached their final destination – Grand Central Station. The boys hopped off for a stellar, high-energy performance of their latest pop-trap single “ON” – a motivational track, whose hook “Bring the pain on” is bound to get you off your feet, and on the dance floor.