Dionne Warwick Is The Uncrowned Queen Of Twitter

American actress, singer, TV host and former Goodwill ambassador, Dionne Warwick is the new Twitter queen. The legendary R&B star has been a noted Twitter user for her sense of humour.  

The Tweet!

With ‘WAP’ hitmaker Cardi B the latest on her radar, Dionne tweeted, “After today, I can confidently add ‘Cardi B’ to the list of people my niece has opened my eyes to. More on this tomorrow”.

The legendary singer has been known to have made some hilarious, memorable statements about various musicians. So memorable, SNL even performed a sketch inspired by tweets that Warwick posted.

Cardi B Reacts

Who wouldn’t want to be on Dionne’s playlist! Cardi B reacted almost immediately: “OMGGGGG I STAN !!!!”, she wrote. Warwick explained, “Cardi B is authentically herself,”. “I have only seen video clips. No music yet,” she added. Well, we know Warwick’s opinion is only going to be influenced for the better!

As Twitter users waited for Warwick to give some more context to understand her previous tweet, the singer on Sunday tweeted: “I did not listen to Cardi B’s music. Brittani sent me a video on the YouTube and a clip from her show where she dances with the very effervescent @msdebbieallen!”

What Caught Dionne’s Attention?

Dionne was referring to an episode of Cardi B’s latest series on Facebook called “Cardi Tries” that has set her fans screaming with every new episode. This particular episode was that of Cardi trying her hand at the ballet with the help of acclaimed ballet expert Debbie Allen.

Just when we thought compliments were all Dionne had about Cardi, came the punch. “I do have one question. What does Offset mean?”. “Is there also an Onset walking around somewhere?” the R&B star quipped!

Scroll away for all the witty tweets:

Lol! Dionne surely knows how to keep her audience entertained while she remains the cool customer! 

By: Aatira Kakroo