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Diplo About Beyoncé’s Dance/Electronic Grammy Win: “She Deserves Her Flowers”

The highlight of the 2023 Grammy Awards was Beyoncé breaking the record for having the most Grammys! She won four awards and brought her total up to 32. Diplo, whose music was also nominated for best dance/electronic music album, opened up about dance music and Queen Bey’s wins on Instagram.

Image Courtesy: Pitchfork

He thanked the dance music community for “being my purpose in this life and shaping my career,” also stating that the genre “has and will be the most Inclusive music of our generation,” with fans from across the world, from varying races, sexualities, socioeconomic backgrounds and ages.

“You don’t need to be a savant or a great musician to be part of dance music, you just have to love to move and have confidence,” he added.

He also celebrated the dance/electronic music categories being televised for the first time ever. “Beyoncé album was legendary (i’m a beyonce a stan remember I produced some classic dance songs for her like ’til the end of time’ and ‘girls run the world,’” he wrote. “What’s important to understand was that her intention was 100%. she did the work found the real producers and she made classics .. so she deserves her flowers . and when she won i was just proud to see my nomination on the screen in the huge arena..”

Image Courtesy: Us Weekly

The post became sensational because when the camera panned to him after Beyoncé won the award, people speculated that he said, “they bought that.” However, he clarified in his post that he actually said, “I’m glad to be part of that.”

– Riya Sohini

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