Diplo Poses in Traditional Qatari Clothing During The 2022 World Cup

Diplo appears to be having a blast while attending the FIFA World Cup in Doha, Qatar. The DJ posted a pair of photos on his Instagram Story recently while watching a match between Costa Rica and Spain from one of the eight stadiums constructed for this year’s World Cup. The DJ was wearing a traditional long shirt called a thobe and a loose red and white cloth headdress known as a gutra.

“Damn spain up 7-0 i’m not even paying attention I just wanna make sure my hat thing looks alright,” he wrote, posting one of the same selfies on Twitter.

Image Courtesy: The Daily Crypto

Ape Drums, a bandmate of Major Lazer, also posted a number of videos from the event, including one of Diplo having fun and acting like a salesperson at one of the arena’s merch stands.

“What’s up, habibi? What you want? Anything you want I get for you. I get anything for you,” he quipped at the camera as Ape Drums laughed from behind the lens.

Image Courtesy: iHeart

The two were in Doha, along with Walshy Fire for Major Lazer’s opening-night performance at the Daydream Festival Qatar. Alesso, Nervo, Armin Van Buuren, Tisto, Jonas Blue and other artists will perform during the last seven days of the fest.

Diplo cheered Team USA earlier this week as well; their next match is against England on Friday.

“We came to support our boys in Qatar and made some new friends,” he tweeted at the time, posting a video as he chanted “USA! USA!” before pointing out a Qatari fan waving an American flag.

Sikha Sohan