Disclosure, Kehlani & Syd Drop The Quirky New Track ‘Birthday’

Amid the downpour of new collaborations, Disclosure have found two very special people to team up with: Kehlani and Syd. The DJ duo worked alongside these stars to present their latest offering, a track titled, ‘Birthday’. 

This tune witnesses sparkly synths tossed up with a juicy set of beats. In its essence, ‘Birthday’ is a gentle jam, settling on the border of the R&B genre. Kehlani drives the track forward with her dreamy, tinkling verses that blend well with the strong production elements her counterparts have lined the song with. 


This tune traces a rather odd yet completely valid question: is it okay to call an ex on their birthday? The songwriting is well-fleshed out, it’s clear that Disclosure and company have put a lot of thought into the anxieties behind this little gesture. Take a look:

But to put the hurt to rest, put maturity to the test
So I’m callin’ to say “Are you okay?” on your special day 

Can I call you on your birthday?
Just to make sure that you’re okay
Would you prefer it if I’d go ghost?
And let you go your own way 

Speaking of the idea behind this track, Howard Lawrence had this to say, “Syd and I were going through a similar thing at the time, trying to work out if it was cool to call your ex to say hi or is it too awkward/mean to do so out of the blue?” His brother and counterpart, Guy Lawrence, then pitched in, “It’s the oldest song on the album by far so has definitely stood the test of time and deservedly made the cut. And the addition of Kehlani just took it to the next level and turned into a fire duet.”

‘Birthday’ will find its space on the DJ duos upcoming album, “Energy”, slated to arrive tomorrow, August 28. 

By: Nina Karun