Disclosure’s New Album ‘Alchemy’ Will be Out This Week

Disclosure have announced their fourth studio album, ‘Alchemy’ which will be released later this week. The duo comprises of brothers-Guy and Howard Lawrence. They recently surprised their fans through a social media post announcing ‘Alchemy’, showing it’s cover art and tracklist. The album does not feature any collaborations or samples.

This album represents Disclosure’s debut independent release through their AWAL imprint, Apollo Records, following their departure from Capitol Records. “This record is a celebration of us feeling liberated right now,” Guy said in a statement.

Image Courtesy: Getty Images

He continued: “We’re no longer signed to a major record label. We’re not going to tour this record. We can do whatever we like and be super creative.”

‘Alchemy’ is all set to release on the 14th of July.

Alchemy’ track-list:

‘Looking For Love’

‘Simply Won’t Do’

‘Higher Than Ever Before’

‘A Little Bit’

‘Go The Distance’


‘We Were In Love’

‘Sun Showers’


‘Brown Eyes’

‘Talk On The Phone’

Image Courtesy: Getty Images

The new release follows after the 2020 release of ‘Energy’. ‘Alchemy’ arrives nearly after a decade of Disclosure’s debut album, ‘Settle’.

-Kaushiki Sarcar