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DJ Khaled Announces Album Release & Drops Two Tracks With Drake

DJ Khaled has officially announced his 12th studio album “Khaled Khaled”, it must be a real kicker as he had to mention his name twice. And not only that, he’s dropped two songs which feature Drake. Something that these boys have been hinting at, for so long now.

DJ Khaled took to his social media to announce the album release through a video which highlights few of his best moments of his career. The clip includes live shows, Grammy wins and birth of his sons who are also the album’s executive producers.

We don’t have much details about “Khaled Khaled” album yet, no information regarding the release date or who else will be featuring on it. DJ Khaled has been posting non-stop on his social media to promote the release and we see an owl with gold keys on all of them.

With fans already speculating what the owl stood for in the art works, DJ Khaled announced his two singles with Drake, ‘Popstar’ and ‘Greece’. Totally a big day for the fans with such big bonuses.

The ‘Popstar’ announcement landed up first with DJ Khaled posing with an owl on his shoulder, holding two keys in it’s beak. Followed by the release of the track “Greece” in which we see an owl engraved on a gold metal.

Well, with not much time to spare in between the announcements, DJ Khaled dropped the two songs as well which feature Drake. “Popstar” is going to probably be your jam for the summer. And, “Greece” is your typical show off song, stopping at Gucci showroom and flying to places.

Being rich is not their problem and that’s pretty clear in these songs, hear the tracks out and judge for yourself.

Check the songs out!

By: Aatira Kakroo

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