Dolly wanted Miley to play ‘Jolene’

Dolly Parton and Miley Cyrus have always shared a wonderful relationship and we always hope to see more of it!

Dolly Parton’s life will be showcased in Netflix’s new anthology series, ‘Heartstrings’ where Julianne Hough will be playing the role of ‘Jolene’

The legend recently revealed that she originally wanted her goddaughter, Miley Cyrus, to be cast as Jolene. “Years back when I used to think of Jolene, you know, before Julianne came on, I used to think… I’d love — Miley would have been great at that as well,” she said. “But Miley was doing other things. We wanted it to be someone that kind of was described in the song, with auburn hair, ivory skin, the emerald green eyes, all she[Miley] had to do was put on this beautiful red hair and she was the most beautiful Jolene you could ever, ever get.”

Dolly Parton has showed her constant love and support to Miley, even when she appeared on the Disney hit show “Hannah Montana” as Miley’s aunt. The godmother/goddaughter duo took the stage by storm during last year’s Grammy Awards as they sang Dolly Parton’s biggest hits.

Catch ‘Jolene’ on Netflix’s ‘Heartstrings’ – an 8 episode series which is set to premier on November 22nd, this year.