Drake Participates in a Funky New Remix of MC Kevin O Chris’s “Ela É Do Tipo”

Champagne Papi has just remixed MC Kevin O Chris’s “Ela É Do Tipo” and the track is totally our type!

Drake must have been eyeing the track “Ela É Do Tipo” (translated to “She Is the Type”) because when Drake loves a track, he HAS to do a remix. The Canadian artist opens the track as he sings about his lady love in verses which will be ringing in our ears for a while, “First time that I saw you I wasn’t thinking of you, and I / I was just thinking of I,”

MC Kevin O Chris comes in and picks up the pace, making this track one foot-tapping, groovy number!

Every time Drake participates in a remixed version, it instantly becomes a hit and might even become the highlight of the song maker’s career. Drake, aka Remix King has had a string of remix releases over the years. He recently hopped on a new rendition of Summer Walker’s “Girls Need Love” earlier this year and in August, he released the video for “Money in the Grave” with Rick Ross.

Catch the new club remix “Ela É Do Tipo” by MC Kevin O Chris and ‘Champagne Papi’ Drake!