Drake Shakes The Internet Again, Comments His Top 5 Rappers


Drake – the Canadian singer is always sharing information we did not ask for but then it’s him, so we definitely need the details. The song writer took to the comment section of Toronto based rapper – Young Tony,  to let his fans know his top 5 Rappers of all times. 

Drake shares the list which includes artists such as Biggie, Hov, Wayne, Young Tony and 3000 which does not surprise the fans. The rapper has taken inspiration or collaborated with them like the time Andre 3000 hoped on the track “The Real Hur” with him.

Well, this information did come in unexpectedly just like all the times Drake broke the Internet with his challenges! Let’s take you down the road with times the singer made his songs viral while entertaining us.

The song “Toosie Slide” got leaked online when few famous Tik Tok stars danced on Drake’s latest track. It has to became a dance challenge and within no time, we had Justin Bieber doing the “Toosie Slide”. 

The FliptheSwitch challenge started trending on Tik Tok and Instagram with people switching their clothes and poses on Drake’s “Nonstop” track. Poeple would switch when the lights went off on the lyrics “I just flipped the switch”. Jennifer Lopez with her husband, Alex Rodriquez could not stay away from this challenge as well.

When you hear the lyrics – “Kiki do you love me, are you riding?”, we know what is the next thing to do. Drake’s “In My Feelings” was everywhere and people had no choice but to grove on it. People were jumping out of their cars to do the dance moves and uploading it on social media.

While we wait to hear more from Drake, you can definitely do these internet challenges during this quarantine and keep yourself entertained.

By : Aatira Kakroo