Drake’s Son, Adonis, a Fan of LeBron James Flaunts His Basketball Skills

Drake’s kid, Adonis appears to be on his way to become a professional basketball player at the age of four.

Image courtesy: People.com

The rapper posted a video of his son practising on a basketball court on 19th May, shooting for a hoop that is several feet taller than the toddler. Finally, he dribbles the ball, sets his feet and makes a flawless basket, much to the delight of his renowned father, who stands behind the camera and cheers him on.

Drake wrote in the Instagram video’s caption, tagging LeBron James of the Los Angeles Lakers, who the 4-year-old has evidently been following. 

Image courtesy: Lakers Daily

He patted his chest a few times after making a basket, just like LeBron has done throughout his career. Throughout the video, the tot tugged on the shoulders of his jersey, which is another of the four-time NBA champion’s quirks.

The four-time Grammy winner pulled Adonis out when accepting the artist of the decade award at the 2021 Billboard Music Awards in May. Adonis burst into tears as his father tried to conclude his remarks, evidently uncomfortable with the attention. Drake said that he wanted to dedicate the award to his son as he picked him up to calm him.

Image courtesy: Complex

Adonis has long been a LeBron James supporter. On his Instagram Story last summer, Drake released a humorous clip of Adonis watching some of LeBron’s career highlights. Adonis is completely awestruck by the famed basketball player in the video, keeping his eyes fixed to the screen and dropping his jaw before exclaiming, ‘Oh my dod!’ at the end. In the background, his father can be heard laughing at his son’s adorable reply.

Sophie Brussaux gave birth to Adonis in October 2017. Drake originally revealed his son in March 2020 via an emotional Instagram post in which he shared a series of photos from Adonis’ early years.