Drew Barrymore And Hilary Duff Talk About Healthy Relationships With Rejection

Rejection is an inevitable companion in every career journey. Drew Barrymore and Hilary Duff, both seasoned actresses who began their journey in the limelight as child stars, recently delved into the complexities of rejection on a candid episode of ‘The Drew Barrymore Show.’

The camaraderie between these two stars is evident as they share stories of lost auditions and the valuable lessons they’ve gleaned from those moments. Duff, now 36 and a star of ‘How I Met Your Father,’ reminisced about the times when she felt like a “loser” after not landing a role. However, she emphasized the importance of filling life with genuine experiences that provide fulfilment, even in the face of setbacks.

Image Courtesy: Daily Mail

Barrymore, at 48, brought her unique perspective to the conversation, reflecting on her early encounters with rejection. Rather than viewing it as a hindrance, she embraced rejection as a catalyst for a broader understanding, that there’s room for everyone in the vast landscape of the entertainment industry. 

The conversation took a lighthearted turn as they acknowledged the inherent competitiveness in the industry, especially during their formative years. Duff humourously mentioned the challenge of remembering all the roles she didn’t get, highlighting the fleeting nature of disappointment. Barrymore concurred, sharing her reluctance to admit which roles she missed out on, emphasizing the need to spare the feelings of those who eventually secured those coveted parts.

Image Courtesy: The Drew Barrymore Show

The duo delved into the unique experience of dealing with rejection as child actors, a reality that both stars recognize as shaping their current perspectives. Duff confessed that the realization of the constant auditioning process, even in her son Luca’s club sports activities, brought the lesson of rejection full circle. She recounted guiding Luca through the anxiety of auditions, drawing parallels to her own journey in the entertainment business.

As they shared their insights, it became apparent that rejection, though initially daunting, has become a teacher of resilience and strength for these actresses. Barrymore humourously suggested that their healthy relationship with rejection might stem from the countless times they’ve been “beaten down” by the industry. Duff playfully countered, acknowledging the rollercoaster of emotions that comes with their chosen careers.

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They ended the interview by talking about how accepting rejection with grace can be the key to longevity and success. 

-Britney Jones