Dua Lipa & Angele Join Forces For A Steamy Track ‘Fever’

Over the past few weeks, the music world has witnessed a shower of fresh releases from Dua Lipa. Between groovy remixes and sizzling collaborations, Dua’s been adamant about dragging us right out into the middle of the dance floor.

And this time around, the young star’s arrived with yet another sparkling banger featuring the Belgian sensation, Angele. Titled, ‘Fever,’ the French-English track proves to be quite the sultry treat, weaving in a string of funky synth-pop beats.

Standing at almost 3 minutes, ‘Fever,’ sees Angele’s husky vocals complement Dua’s very own brilliantly. Alternating between rich, dreamy verses and a powerful chorus, the song requires just a single listen to hook you in.

The songwriting on this number proves to be simple yet intimate, as Dua croons,

I’ve got a fever, so can you check?
Hand on my forehead, kiss my neck
And when you touch me, baby, I turn red
I’ve got a fever, so can you check?

And so, it’s safe to say that Dua has once again notched a superb collaboration with ‘Fever,’ which is set to feature on the star’s reissue of her latest album, “Future Nostalgia”.

So, what are you waiting for? Put on your dancing shoes and hit play!

By: Nina Karun