Dua Lipa Ft Madonna & Miss Elliott Drop ‘Levitating’ Remix

Dua Lipa has taken people by a surprise with her new remix ‘Levitating’ which features Madonna and Missy Elliott. The song is part of the upcoming remix album, “Club Future Nostalgia” which is produced by the blessed Madonna.

The ‘Levitating’ remix has created a buzz among the people, already. The song is not only fast-paced but also, Madonna and Dua Lipa have a sung word game. In addition, Missy Elliot brings a seductive touch to the track with her verse. It’s surely a groovy song which will make you move your feet.

The song is the first single from the album which is going to release on August 21, 2020. The album has all the songs from “Future Nostalgia”, the second studio album. “Club Future Nostalgia” will feature artists like Madonna, Missy Elliot, Gwen Stefani and Mark Robson.

Dua Lipa Talks About Madonna And Missy Elliott

During a recent interview, Dua Lipa mentions, Madonna has been an artist that I’ve listened to my whole life. Her career trajectory as well has been something so inspirational and the momentum that she’s kept and the way that she’s grown with her music.”

Dua Lipa says that she was excited when Missy Elliott agreed to hop on the track. ” I jumped on the phone with her and we had a little talk and she really just does stuff that she really believes in, so that I felt it was such a massive compliment for me, for her to be so inspired by the remix and the track, and to want to be a part of it and be a part of this mixtape.”

If this is how the rest of album is going to sound, we can’t wait for it. Let’s just be hopefully about seeing more artists on it.

By: Aatira Kakroo