Dua Lipa Sees Worlds Collide in ‘Levitating’

Dua Lipa recently recruited Madonna and Missy Elliott on board for a remixed version of her groovy track, ‘Levitating’. And over the weekend, she dropped yet another sweet treat: the music video. Much like the remix itself, the visualizer also arrived with an equally strong punch. 

Now, just to take a dip into the track, it turned out to be just as delightful as the original cut. Boasting of a quicker tempo, a sleek verse from Missy Elliott and some pretty harmonies from Madonna – the remix delivered on all fronts. 

The Dreamy Visuals of ‘Levitating’

The music video also proved to be quite the visual spectacle. Reaching four minutes and seventeen seconds, the video gives us a glimpse into multiple love stories. Each one unfolds under the steady formation of an eclipse. Dua, for one, is seen grooving in a room full of buzzing televisions, sporting a fiery new hairdo. Tossed in with all of this are psychedelic shots of ghostly fields and gem-studded cars. While there was no sight of Madonna in this video, Missy Elliott did however, arrive right on cue. Donning her characteristic cap, vibrant jacket and hoops – she delivered her verses. The video also witnessed a special cameo from Dua’s beau, Anwar Hadid, as the pair found a spot along the endless string of love stories. 


Directed by Will Hooper, a large part of this video was filmed at a studio in London, around mid-June. It’s interesting to note that Dua’s experimented a lot with the visuals for some of her ‘Future Nostalgia” tracks. Be it animation, grand sets, concepts and even storytelling, the English star has been actively involved every step of the way. And the product has always proven to be unique, fresh and powerful enough to be a stand alone piece. 

Now, this version of ‘Levitating’ will find a spot on Dua’s upcoming project,  “Club Future Nostalgia: The Remix Album”, which is slated to drop on August 28th.

By: Nina Karun