Dua Lipa Unveils Star-Studded “Club Future Nostalgia” Tracklist

Dua Lipa recently gave us a first taste of “Club Future Nostalgia” with the remixed version of her groovy track, ‘Levitating’. We also got a glimpse at some of her collaborators, namely Madonna, Missy Elliott and the Blessed Madonna. And now, by treating us to her entire tracklist, Dua is ensuring that we won’t leave the dancefloor till our feet are sore. 

This project reimagines the album for the club and includes some star-studded features. On the list are Gwen Stefani, Masters At Word, Mark Ronson, BLACKPINK and many more artists. Now, this dish is serving up a lot of different flavours and hopefully, we’ll have the opportunity to sample a few treats before the album drops. 


As expected, fans are already going gaga over the BLACKPINK collaboration. The girls will join Dua on the track, ‘Kiss and Make Up’. Further, it will be the third star-studded collaboration they’ve nabbed just this year. Their first rodeo was with Lady Gaga on the track, ‘Sour Candy’. Plus, they’ve got a brand new track featuring Selena Gomez, on the horizon. Fans are also thrilled considering the fact that Dua and the girls have remained close friends for years. 

Speaking of this project, Dua had this to say, “The last few months have been surreal. I’ve watched you all dance in your homes and on your Zoom parties to Future Nostalgia like you were in the club with me. It brought so much joy to my days spent at home, even though I would’ve much rather been playing these songs live for you all on the road. During this time, I decided to take the party up a notch with the incomparable The Blessed Madonna, who secretly helped me to craft the mixtape that would become Club Future Nostalgia. We invited some friends and legends to join in on the fun with us.”

The Blessed Madonna then pitched in, sharing her excitement over the new remixed album. She emphasized that this project would not only be a testament to her work, but how she presented those of her other collaborators too. “I was excited because I knew I was being asked to introduce not only myself, but my heroes and sheroes from both pop and club music in a whole new way. The first time I met Dua was at a rave inside Glastonbury and in a way, I am sharing a bit of that special night with all of you too,” she stated. 

“Club Future Nostalgia” will make its landing on August 28th, so you have just about enough time to brush up on your dance moves. 

By: Nina Karun