Dua Lipa’s Got People Throwing Dance Parties in their Kitchens!

Dua Lipa has been riding on the success of ‘Don’t Start Now’ from her album ‘Future Nostalgia’ and there is truly no stopping her. The album debuted at No. 5 on the Billboard Top 100 charts and the track-list has got a lot of great gems ready to drag you out onto the dance floor!

The little issue here is — there are no dance clubs open right now. 

But thankfully, this is not stopping anybody. “People are telling me that they’re dancing in their kitchens,” Dua confessed. In fact, this was one of the many things she spoke about during a recent interview on her success with this project. She also touched upon the fact that ‘Don’t Start Now’ has been such a special number for her, aside from the fact that it peaked at No. 2 on the charts. 

“I had never been so scared to release a song,” she said in the interview, “… But I loved the song and I was so proud of it and I was so happy to put it out and it be so different from what I had done before. I guess people’s response, that was the win for me. … I knew that me being out of my comfort zone and making this record was the right decision.”

So, if you’re dancing to Dua Lipa all over your house, you’ve only got her instincts to thank!