Ed Sheeran Covers For Khalid on His ‘Mathematics’ Tour While He Recovers From an Accident

According to Ed Sheeran, Khalid was involved in a car accident this week. Sheeran broke the sad news to his audience when he stepped in for Khalid’s opening set on his ‘Mathematics’ Tour and later performed his own customary headlining set.

“He’s recovering, and we wish him the best,” Sheeran announced on stage at FedEx Field in Landover, Maryland.

Image Courtesy: British GQ

“I’m going to say this after every song because if people don’t know I was going to be the opening act today, people are going to be walking in being like, ‘This show isn’t what I thought it was,’” stated Sheeran. “‘I thought there would be more fireworks.’”

Sheeran used the situation to his advantage, performing a number of additional songs live and acoustically off his most recent album, ‘Subtract’, that aren’t often part of his stadium setlist.

Sheeran made light of the fact that the audience will get to witness him perform on Saturday night in two stage attires—a white and a black T-shirt. “I’m really pulling out the stops tonight,” he joked.

“Usually when I start playing it’s like pitch black, and now I get to see everyone. It’s awesome,” Sheeran said of his early set time.

– Riya Sohini