Ed Sheeran Is All Set To Release a New Track, ‘Celestial’ in Collaboration With ‘Pokémon’

A new track by Ed Sheeran in collaboration with Pokémon, called ‘Celestial’ will be released.

To celebrate the new track, Ed Sheeran got a brand-new tattoo of the Pokémon, Squirtle on his arm. He revealed this in an announcement video that also featured a brief snippet of the upcoming single.

Additionally, Sheeran unveiled the song’s official cover art, which featured an animated version of himself carrying Pikachu on his shoulder.

In a statement on Instagram, Sheeran spoke about his longstanding love for the Pokémon franchise. “I started off with Pokémon cards when the craze hit primary school, when I was about 7,” he wrote. “Then the TV show was on TV, so I used to try and record it over the same VHS every week.”

Sheeran continued: “After this, my brother and I shared a Game Boy and Pokémon Blue. I got a Game Boy Colour with Pokémon Yellow for my 8th birthday. Obsessed was an understatement. Flash forward to me at 31, I still have the same Game Boy Colour and I still play Pokémon Silver on long-haul flights. I really really love it.”

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The musician went on to say that the series gave him “a proper escape as a kid into a fantasy world”, adding: “In adult life, it’s nostalgia that makes me feel like a kid again.”

Sheeran recalled: “I met the people from Pokémon when I was travelling in Japan, and we joked about me writing a song for them. But now here we are.”

“‘Celestial’ comes out next Thursday, and the video is insanely amazing, animated by the incredible people at Pokémon. I love it, you’re gonna love it. And we all gotta catch ‘em all.”

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Post the release of his fourth and latest album, ‘=’ Sheeran played a unique live concert for Pokémon Go last November.

In the meantime, Ed Sheeran will perform a small, exclusive concert in London next month to help gather funds for the mental health support organisation, ‘Shout’.