Ed Sheeran Reveals His Favourite Song From His Latest Album ‘Subtract’

Ed Sheeran recently released his album ‘Subtract’ and in a recent interview with his album collaborator, The National’s Aaron Dessner, he discussed the experience of working on the project with him. 

“It’s totally different to any way that I’ve worked before,” Sheeran said about the collaboration. “He comes with a finished product and goes, ‘Write what you feel.’ And there’s no like, ‘Oh, that line sounds a bit weird,’ or this. You write brain to page and the song’s done. And then you go in and you basically form it. And if anything, we strip back more from the recordings that he sent.”

Image Courtesy: The Independent

Dessner added that the duo just clicked and that “there was like a little wildfire. When we got together, we thought we’d try a few things, and we ended up with 36 songs or something.”

Image Courtesy: The Telegraph

Given Sheeran’s masterful songwriting, it’s hard to imagine that he has a favourite song on the album. However, he does connect personally to ‘No Strings,’ which talks about an unconditional type of love. “It just came from Aaron being on piano and me singing. And then we put it down and it’s as if the song didn’t matter. And then coming back to it’s now my favourite song on the record,” he said.

– Riya Sohini