Ed Sheeran Says he is ‘Super Proud’ of Harry Styles, Calls Him The ‘Biggest Solo Artist in the World’

Ed Sheeran and Harry Styles have been friends for more than a decade now! According to Ed Sheeran, he feels proud to share the journey from laying the groundwork for their music careers to being successful with Styles. In an appearance he made on ‘The Sprout Podcast’, he noted that they have both grown so much professionally in the last few years. 

Image Courtesy: Teen Vogue

“There’s something about going through your formative years, you know like it’s quite weird. Like, he’s obviously, like, on top of the world right now and has gone from being in the biggest boy band in the world to then being the biggest solo artist in the world,” Sheeran noted. “And it’s just it’s an amazing journey to see. I’m, like, really, like super, super proud of him.”

Sheeran and Styles were friends back when they were struggling too. While Sheeran would sleep on a friend’s couch, he would wake up to find Styles sleeping on a different sofa at the same place. Later in their life, Sheeran went on to pen ‘Moments’, ‘Little Things’, ‘Over Again’ and ‘18’ for Harry Styles’ band One Direction. The pair also celebrated their friendship with multiple tattoos over the years. 

Image Courtesy: SheKnows

Sheeran stated that his relationship with Styles was similar to the friendship he had with Taylor Swift, noting, “It’s the same thing as Taylor, like, there’s rarely people that like totally understand you and I think both of them because they are solo artists and are at this level you kind of talk and there’s an understanding there that you don’t necessarily get from everyone.”

– Riya Sohini