Elton John Celebrates 30 Years Of Sobriety

Elton John is celebrating his thirty years of sobriety and he couldn’t be more grateful about it. As he shares his achievement with his fans over social media, he claims that he’d “be dead” if it wasn’t for getting help.

The singer who is 73 years old was a drug and alcohol addict 30 years ago. At the peak of his career, he faced problems with the addiction but he’s been very vocal about it. Eventually, he signed himself into a rehab facility in Chicago. That decision was the turning point of his life as he’s been sober ever since.

The singer shared pictures of the cards, flowers, cake and the sobriety chip that he received from his son, husband, friends of the program and his staff from his office and home. As Elton John thanked all of them for their constant inspiration and support, many fans congratulated him on the post.


Elton John Dealt With Bulimia And Addiction

Elton John spoke with Graham Norton in an interview, last year where he claimed that he even suffered from bulimia (eating disorder) while he was addicted to drugs and alcohol.

The singer goes to say, “Not only was I a drug addict I was an alcoholic. I used to drink a bottle of Johnnie Walker Black every day..used to smoke joints and I was bulimic. I would go to sleep for three days, I hadn’t eaten, then I would go out and gorge myself and then throw it all up. It was a very lonely existence and I just thought, “Am I gonna die or am I gonna live? What do you wanna do?””

Elton John also explained, “When you use drugs for that amount of time they don’t have the same effect. You just take them for the sake of it. They’re not making you happier they’re making you worse and I just sat there one night and said, “This is ridiculous”. I couldn’t ask for help. People had told me time and time again that I needed help. All my closest friends. No. I screamed and shouted at them, “how dare you tell me?”. I wouldn’t talk to them for a year or so.”

Well, Elton John finally decided to end his struggle and start focusing on things that were positive for him. But it took a lot of effort to walk on the right path. He also explains that being sober and working costed him the same amount of hard work. “I spent a long time working as hard as I did to being sober as I did to being an addict.”

Congratulations to the man of the hour, Elton John for being thirty years sober. If you weren’t, we might have missed out on all the great music that you’ve created over these years.

By: Aatira Kakroo