Eminem has The Oscars Losing It

Eminem surprised everyone at the Oscars with a surprise performance of his smash hit and Oscar-winning song “Lose Yourself”.

The rapper seemingly came out of nowhere, considering how the performance was kept under wraps for all the weeks leading up to the award show. He took to the stage to perform a high-tempo version of his Oscar-winning OST “Lose Yourself” leaving audiences amused but terribly confused.

No, seriously, the audience had no clue what was going on. It was almost like they blinked and Slim Shady appeared on stage, and if you don’t believe us, all you have to do is watch the performance.

Martin Scorcese looks like he ascended, Idina Menzel is trying to figure out what’s going on and The Eilish twins were just vibing.

The performance was a celebration of all the past years’ Best Song nominees, of which Eminem is a winner himself.

Elton John walked away with the Oscar this year, and reunited with past collaborator Eminem as well.