Eminem Mocked By Pete Davidson On SNL

Rap God, Eminem’s ‘Stan’, released a decade ago has resurfaced as comedian, actor and cast member of Saturday Night Live, Pete Davidson decided to make a Christmas spoof of it. And, hands down it was quite entertaining.

The show’s host Jason Bateman sported playing a dismissive Santa Claus while Pete played ‘Stu’, a Santa-obsessed man. In the parody, he sports a bleached blond hair resembling Devon Sawa from the original video.

The original music video features Dido, playing the role of a crazed fan of Eminem. Writing a disturbingly increasing number of letters, unhinging more and more with each letter, desperate for a reply. The inspiration from ‘Stan‘ is quite evident and we honestly, dig it.

Pete writes a disturbing number of letters to Santa asking him for a PlayStation 5 video game console. The letters go unseen by Santa, accidentally at his workshop. You can’t blame him, you know? Mr Klaus is obviously busy, it’s the holiday season.

Pete raps the lyrics, “I tried to buy one at a Wal-Mart/ ran around the shopping mall like Paul Blart/ tried to find one for sale but the thing is that they’re all out/ Yo, I even went to a game stop/ and then I was like, ‘Oh wait, stop, Santa Claus can make one/ the man got his own workshop,”

Jason’s Santa and his elves portray concern over Davidson’s increasingly angry letters. McKinnon who plays his mom sings, “But he can’t buy it himself because he lost his job because he was stealing from his boss. I’d be worried, he’s a scary guy,”

Along, with the spoof, the video also features Bowen Yang playing Elton John, who appears towards the end, to join the song. This is a tribute to the performance of ‘Stan’ at the 43rd Annual Grammy Awards.

It’s Eminem’s Turn

Eminem also made a pre-taped cameo in the SNL sketch comedy. At the end of the video, he appears unwrapping a present marked “To Shady, From Santa”, a PlayStation 5, underneath a Christmas tree, that he never asked for.  He says, “That’s crazy. A PS5? I didn’t even ask for this! I guess Shady must have been a good boy this year. Sorry, Stu. You fucked up”, mocking Davidson’s ‘Stu’.

Eminem might seem like a tough nut to crack but has definitely humoured Pete’s parody well. Overall, it was as entertaining as it could get.

By: Aatira Kakroo