EXO’s KAI Arrives With Sultry Debut Single: ‘Mmmh’

EXO's Kai features in his debut solo single, 'Mmmh'

South Korean group, EXO’s, KAI, has arrived with his debut solo single, and kicked off his official solo career. The sultry track arrived with its very own music video (and a high-budget one at that), and finds its place on his debut mini album: ‘KAI’. This project marks the start of the star performer’s solo career, following in the footsteps of his fellow band members.

‘Mmmh’, much as the title suggests, is a sultry ode to an all-consuming love. Kai sings, “The scent of a flower/ Girl, is this yours?/ Jasmine hovering around you/ It’s kind of familiar/ Do you also fall asleep with the scent?” And, in disarming fashion, the chorus hits listeners sooner than you’d think. To a familiar R&B beat, Kai, croons, “You make me feel so/ Mm-mhm/ Breathe out and exhalе like/ Mhm”.

Accompanying the release earlier today was a high-budget music video boasting stunning visual effects, haute couture and precision-driven choreography. The star, supported by back-up skilled back-up dancers, delivered signature choreography combined with some elements of contemporary dance and a whole lot of sensual movement.

‘Mmmh’ finds its place on Kai’s self-named debut mini album. The project further features tracks like ‘Hello Stranger’, ‘Amnesia’, ‘Reason’, ‘Nothing on Me’, and ‘Ride or Die’. With this album, fans get a new look at the veteran K-Pop performer. Shining in the light of a solo performer, his voice (perhaps for the first time in years), takes center stage.

‘KAI’ and ‘Mmmh’ are now available on all streaming platforms.

By: Ahalya Narayanan