Faouzia And John Legend Drop ‘Minefields’ Music Video

Faouzia, Canadian singer-songwriter, and ‘All of me’ singer, John Legend, recently released the music video for their hit song ‘Minefields’.

The video features the duo singing as explosions go off all around them.  

A Stunning Performance

Fouzia and John Legend portray star-crossed lovers in the dramatic footage. The 42-year-old Grammy winner and the ‘Tears of Gold’ singer, 20, are separated by a great distance as they perform separately in an empty field at dusk.

The performance begins with Legend playing a black grand piano as Faouzia enters in an ethereal white gown, and her dark hair tied up in a waist-long ponytail. 

The Dynamic Duo

“Working with John on this video was such an incredible experience,” Faouzia said in a press release.

“We hadn’t previously met in person, having worked on the song together remotely, but things felt so comfortable and light together on set. Despite the long (and cold) days, I had such an amazing time and am so grateful for the countless talented people working behind the scenes to bring this beautiful visual to life”.

About the song, Faouzia shared, “‘Minefields’ is about the real human struggles that we all go through to be with our loved ones. With how challenging the last year has been for everyone, my hope is that this song and video can act as a beacon, a reminder, that we can and will persevere – it’s in our nature.”

“There were a ton of hurdles and moving pieces to get this video done, and it wouldn’t have been possible without my amazing team,” Faouzia continued. “Sadly, we lost my dear friend and important part of that team, Ryan Brady, at the end of 2020. This video is dedicated to his memory and the joy he brought to so many of us.”

Before the video was released, the duo dropped a teaser of the video, which earned a lot of praise from fans and friends.

The song has seen tremendous success since its release last year, with over 10 million streams on Spotify.

Faouzia said in an interview that the song was initially going to be a solo work. “We had intended for it to be a solo song but then we started to think, “what if there was a big, beautiful male vocal on it?” We started to name names and John Legend’s name came up, so we reached out to him. We didn’t expect him to come back so soon and to love the song. He sent his vocals in and we all fell in love with it, it was so beautiful.” We agree!

By: Anjana Sathyanarayan