Finneas O’Connell Shows The World ‘Where the Poison Is’

Celebrations are in full swing in the music industry following Joe Biden’s victory during the Presidential elections. A number of musicians took to social media to breathe out a sigh of relief upon hearing the news. But some, like Finneas O’Connell, decided that the best messages arrive in the form of music. 

Once Joe Biden was officially elected the 46th president of the United States, Finneas put out his brand new track, ‘Where the Poison Is.” Sprinkled with a light touch of production elements, Finneas alternates between melancholic verses, lined with a faint electric guitar riff. Carried forward by his husky tone and scathing lyrics, ‘Where the Poison Is’ truly hits home. 

The lyrics call out the former president of the U.S, Donald Trump, and all the chaos that’s bubbled out during his ruling period. Much like Billie Eilish’s songwriting techniques, Finneas too weaves the most poetic allusions with words that pierce like daggers. Here, take a look:

When all my friends get sick, it’s on the President
When all my friends get sick, it’s on his government

Take me to the place where the poison is
To put a face to what’s poisonous
To give him a little taste of his medicine
There’s a snake that thinks it’s the President

The tune also arrived with its very own music video featuring a small crafted white house, with dark poison oozing out of every crevice. And with Finneas, there’s no doubting that his politics plays a huge part in his art. 

By: Nina Karun